Museum of the City of New York

We've remastered one of our seminal first projects, an immersive film about the history of NYC.


Timescapes is more of a piece of interactive theater than filmmaking, mixing narration, cartography, and photography into an engrossing 22-minute multimedia experience. The documentary traces the growth of New York City from a settlement of a few hundred Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans to its present status as one of the world’s great cities.


James Sanders & Associates, NowArchival, Videosonic, New City Video & Staging, Underground Audio

The Details

Created by Jake Barton of Local Projects and James Sanders, co-writer of the PBS series New York: A Documentary History, and narrated by actor Stanley Tucci, the film features animated maps and archival photographs, prints, and paintings from the Museum’s collections. For those unfamiliar with the city's history, the narration and video give a higher level of information and narrative. Additionally, the maps offer a wealth of detail and correlation that even the most seasoned New York City Historian can learn from.