We hire exceptional, multi-talented individuals like
We hire exceptional, multi-talented individuals like

If you care about what you are making and for whom you are making it, you’re in the right place. As individuals, we strive for intellectual and creative betterment. As a team, we thrive on creating projects that are empathic and authentic to the human experience. Come join us.

Current Openings

Senior Content Developer

Local Projects is seeking a Senior Content Developer with deep experience in early childhood education to help shape creative output geared to children in a museum setting. The content needs to address the multiple ways children learn as well as helping parents and other caregivers understand and support their children’s development. 

Content Coordinator

Local Projects is seeking a Content Coordinator to manage a project’s content assets within and across project phases—ensuring that they support the project’s story arc and objectives—and institute processes, templates, and best practices for tracking these assets. 

Senior Content Developer:

Local Projects is seeking a Senior Content Developer to help shape the creative output of our projects by leading ideation with the design team and leading all content development tasks, which includes research and writing, assets/collection reviews, process articulation and actioning internally and externally with the client, and client communications related to all content tasks. They will work closely with designers and directors to devise new storytelling approaches in order to shape the overall visitor experience. 

Project Coordinator

Local Projects is seeking a Project Coordinator to join our team and help run our innovative experiential design projects. Candidates must have excellent communication and time management skills, strong attention to detail, and an outsized interest in teamwork and supporting their colleagues.

Creative Director

Local Projects is seeking a Creative Director to envision and lead teams in the creation of cutting-edge design solutions for our portfolio of international cultural and corporate clients. CDs establish the design excellence and innovation at the core of our firm’s services and reputation, and work with clients across a range of disciplines, including physical environments, linear and interactive media, graphics, and sound. Required skills include excellent visual and oral communication skills, the ability to provide creative and strategic direction for all team members and understand client concerns, and the ability to work seamlessly with Project Managers, our Chief Operating Officer, and our Principal/Executive Creative Director to manage the creative process. 10+ years experience or proven excellence in at least one core technical creative discipline is also required (e.g. filmmaking, architecture, graphic design, interactive design, copywriting).

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