Stories of Community-Driven Design

Welcome to Local Projects' content series exploring the role of listening in cultural work.

How do we listen, who do we listen to, and how do we incorporate what we learn in our work?

Listen in and find out.

Upcoming Conversations / April 28, 2022

Based on a True Story: Ethics and Opportunities in Immersive Storytelling

Featured Story

Q&A with the Creators of HBO’S Watchmen and Greenwood Rising

Check out our conversation creator of HBO's Watchmen Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) and lead writer Cord Jefferson (Station 11, The Good Place, Master of None) for a chat with Greenwood Rising museum director Phil Armstrong, and the Local Projects team.

Throughout the conversation, we investigate how both the museum design and Watchmen teams engaged the Tulsa community in reckoning with a tragedy that was deliberately hidden from history books.

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A conversation with Creative Director Eric Mika

Storymaking: Part I

Creative Director and Director of Creative Technology shares how we give visitors the tools to build narrative themselves through an exploration of the context and rules that drove a story into being.

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Continuing our conversation with Creative Director Eric Mika

Storymaking: Part II

In this continuation of our conversation, LP’s most tenured Creative Director Eric Mika explores how we can rediscover the lost meaning of objects that express their function through their form, shares the technologies he thinks hold the most untapped potential, and gives us a sneak peek into the studio’s latest work with IBM.

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Watch the first LISTENERS panel

Your Community Is Your Collaborator

What new solutions and ideas will move cultural institutions towards a more inclusive future? To give some guidance on how cultural institutions should navigate these crucial questions, we invited leaders from the Museum of the City of New York, the Museum of Science and Industry, and LaPlaca Cohen to join us in conversation. Check out key takeaways and the recorded panel session.

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Tapping Into Emotion

Our Design Approach

Welcome to Listeners, where we’ll share the many ways in which the art of listening has made us into better experience and exhibit designers. Let’s kick things off with a look at how we tap into visitors' emotions: by using immersive visual design and digital media to activate visitors’ five senses, and by bringing them face-to-face with historic and contemporary figures.

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